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4oz Biodegradable Water Cooler Paper Cones & Cone Holders

paper_cones 4oz Biodegradable Water Cooler Paper Cones & Cone Holders

From £41.50 + VAT per case of 5000 biodegradable water cooler paper cones, this product represents value form money and are ideal product for dispensing water from a water cooler. Whether you own a gym, work at a doctor’s surgery, or even just in an office environment, these eco-friendly and cost effective paper cones are a perfect way to help everyone stay hydrated, and cannot be left lying around unlike paper cups.These biodegradable paper cones are great for the environment too and unlike plastic bottles and cups you don’t need to worry about where your waste ends up once you’ve given them out. They can go into the food waste for composting,  or into the recycling bin

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